Black & White Conversion using Adobe Capture Raw

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Black & White Conversion using Adobe Capture Raw.

We’ve found this is the best way to convert your color image to a B&W.

Covert your color file to a rich toned Black and White image.

1. Open your file in Camera Raw
( From within Photoshop, go to open, navigate to your file, At the bottom pull down choose Camera Raw, Your file will now open in Camera raw )

2. Go to HSL/Grayscale tool, fourth tool from the left

3. Turn on the Convert to Grayscale check box (your file is now Gray, very flat gray)

4. Go to the Basics tool, First on the left

5. Drag the exposure slider to the right, keep an eye on your highlight appearance

6. Drag the Blacks slider to the right just enough to keep a punchy Black in the shadows while still maintaining detail in the same shadow area

7. Drag the Contrast slider to the right if more contrast is needed, again pay close attention to your highlight with detail and your shadow with detail, you do not want to fill the shadows and blow out your highlights
8. Drag the Clarity slider to the right to add Mid-tone contrast (75 for general scenes, 25 for people and 0 for young children or infants)

9. Open into Photoshop

10. Your image is now a Grayscale image and not an RGB image, however it will maintain the high tonal range of an RGB image based on how it was converted.

11. Go to save as and rename your file and save. 12. Enjoy!

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